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DUSK Jazz with Peter Woods & Miguel Angel de Armas Capote

Event Dates

Date: 06/29/2019 - 06/29/2019

Time: 12:00 am - 2:00 am

Event Venue

531 Sussex Dr

Price: $25
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Really great, passionate, experienced JAZZ musicians; saxophone and piano, in beautiful ambiance of Art, Candles, martinis, heritage venue Friday JAZZ at Alpha ART Gallery features DUSK- Pete Woods and Miguel Angel De Armas: mixing classic Jazz repertoire with rhythms and harmonies that swing spontaneously from casual to intense, the duo creates a refreshing groove every time they play. Pete’s vintage sound, blues-rooted and swinging, finds its way into countless Ottawa venues. He plays the tenor, soprano and alto saxophones with candour and compassion. Havana’s Miguel Angel De Armas (son of another famous M.D.A.) has taken Ottawa’s jazz community by storm over the past six months: kind yet fearless on the piano/keyboard, Miguel explores songs with both curiosity and grace. Together they happily weave a musical spell that is perfect at dusk: gentle, musing, meditative, passionate, entertaining, conversational. Join them at Alpha Art Gallery for an evening of Art and Music...and fine cocktails. $25 per person with money going to musicians ...price of ticket includes one drink... try the martinis :)Great night of socializing, jazz, art , culture and fun. DUSK Jazz is very very popular !! We strongly recommend end to get your tickets ahead of time online or in person at the Alpha Art Gallery, at 531 Sussex Drive, ON