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Focused/Neha Sin/Honest Racket/Justin Perron – The Bad Meat Tour

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Date: 06/01/2019 - 06/01/2019

Time: 1:00 am - 4:00 am

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221 Rideau St

Price: FREE
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Neha Sin is your local, slinky folk musician, with a dreamy vibe, and influences from the Lumineers, Bob Dylan, and The Head and The Heart. With her newly released EP, "Signs of Pink 'til Morning" her music is sure to send you into a soft, pink trance Focused, testifying of the artist’s personal work drive, has been advocating up for change and deeper engagement in the rap scene since 1999. A smooth and groovy, but surprisingly new sound that questions issues of relevance in today’s political and social climate, Focused’s unique approach to 90s rap and low fi has always stayed current and in constant evolution through each new project. “The rapper, in a way, is like the street reporter”. Songwriter, vocalist and producer, the goal has always been to stay focused on the music, and how its vibrations can take you out of the five-sense world we live in. “Focused has been the name for 20 years and I always try my best to live up to the name by maintaining Focused on the craft of Rapping and producing.” Focused’s sound develops with each new endeavours. His latest album, ‘The Bad Meat LP’, is aimed at testing Focused’s dark side and flirt with certain issues, therefore geared the album towards more personal moments of his life. “The meaning is mostly self expression, questioning authority, being yourself, taking risks in life and following your passion and gut feeling”. The album introduces a style that fans can relax to or vent some frustrations, because the music is also deeply inspired by societal and political events in relation to the artist and his role in them. The Bad Meat LP is an album that questions the narrative. SOCIALS & ONLINE LINKS Facebook Twitter Instagram Soundcloud Youtube PURCHASE/STREAM ‘The Bad Meat LP’ iTunes Spotify Amazon Deezer Bandcamp