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SAW Grand Reopening Concert: Maylee Todd, LAL + more

Event Dates

Date: 07/19/2019 - 07/19/2019

Time: 2:00 am - 4:00 am

Event Venue

Galerie SAW Gallery

67, rue Nicholas Street, Ottawa, Ontario K1N 7B9

Price: FREE
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Galerie SAW Gallery, Debaser & DIY Spring present SAW's Grand Reopening Concert and Party Location: SAW Outdoor Courtyard + Club SAW featuring Maylee Todd's Virtual Womb LAL Matt Miwa Perdu (Lost) Ziibiwan FREE event Organizers acknowledge that this event takes place on unceded and unsurrendered Algonquin territory. About the Artists Maylee Todd Maylee Todd is a multimedia artist, consultant, musician and curator based in Toronto. Her creativity derives from a wide range of artistic disciplines: songwriting, production, performance art, dance, digital collage, 3-D projection mapping, installation and curation. Todd's themes are inspired by science fiction, human development, psychology and unconventional thinking. She is known for her Virtual Womb show which has toured internationally for Tokyo’s Billboard Live, Fringe Manila and across Canada. She released her third self-produced record Acts Of Love, which has glowing reviews from CBC, NPR, Vogue Japan, and Okay Player. Maylee Todd's Virtual Womb is a multimedia experience that includes projections, live video feed, dancing, installation, 3-D projection mapping and live music. Audience members walk through a large vulva installation and experience a live multimedia performance containing visual projections, harp, electronics, samplers, dancers and a small orchestra. Virtual Womb is a place of gestation, meditation, rebirth, and deprogramming. Where birth and death are one of the same. A place with no past and there is no fear of the future. A portal into another dimension. - LAL Rosina Kazi and Nicholas Murray are LAL, the Toronto-based protest electronic duo that has built a career out of daring audiences to be their best selves, loudly. Coming from the worlds of hip hop, punk and experimental music, LAL blends those influences into the smoothest, richest shake that will enliven the mind, body and soul. Their beats and melodies can charm the most cynical club head, softening them up so that the lyrics of anger, sadness and possibility can worm their way deep inside. - Matt Miwa Pop-up performance - Lost (Perdu) // Perdu (Lost) Non-linear thoughts performed between 18/07/2019 and 20/07/2019 // Pensées non linéaires performées entre le 18/07/2019 et le 20/07/2019 A project by Pierre-Luc Clément and Olivier Fairfield (FET.NAT) with special guests - Ziibiwan Genre hopping from ambient experimental electronics to hip hop, trip hop, pop, and more, Ziibiwan is an electronic musician/producer with a no-holds-barred approach to production. Their ethereal, sonics opens into deeply hypnotic spaces where land, sky, and deep sea meet. Ziibiwan is Anishinaabe from Wiikwemkoong, based in Tkaronto (Toronto).